Get the coverage you need in the workplace

The employee-employer relationship is governed by the Fair Work Act 2009. That said, the States and Territories still have their own legislation toversee their workplaces despite having federal laws in place. 

You are probably thinking; “My job is safe; I don’t need to pay those extra fees.” 

However, with Australia’s economic growth the slowest it has been in 10 years, you should consider what would happen if the unforeseeable occurred. Many of us take out policies to manage risks to our health, car or home, so why should your career be any different?  

You really need to consider these three things: 

Why do you need coverage? 

Navigating workplace law is complicated at best, and tortuous at worst. There is an expectation that you know your basic rights and conditions, however no-one could imagine you’d be across the details of each piece of legislation.   

This is where we come in. At some point in your career, you’ll need an employment lawyer to assist with redundancy, performance management or disciplinary issues. This service can cost thousands elsewhere, but you will receive it free of charge as a benefit of your membership.

What is included?  

Your first point of contact is the National Workplace Advice and Support Centre (WAS). From here, your issue is then assigned to an experienced legal and/or industrial officer. You can rest assured when you reach out, we’re with you every step of the way. We assist with a range of matters including: 

·         Independent contract reviews; 

·         Disciplinary process; 

·         Performance management; 

·         Workplace bullying and harassment; 

·         Discrimination; 

·         Unfair dismissal; 

·         Disputes under your Enterprise Agreement; and 

·         Underpayment claims. 

We are committed to helping our members resolve workplace issues when they arise. We offer expert workplace advice and support to our members, and when needed, representation on more serious employment law and industrial relations issues. Everybody faces unique challenges at work, so we provide our members with personalised support. 

How much can you afford? 

Many providers charge thousands for a one-off service. At Professionals Australia, we are different. We’re a membership-based organisation, meaning our services are available at no extra cost after you’ve joined. Our structure offers different categories to suit whatever stage of your career you are at. Your membership fees are also tax deductible. 

Membership with Professionals Australia is your insurance policy in case something unfortunate happens in your career. With Australia’s complex workplace laws – you have to ask yourself one last question – Can you afford not to join?