What CPD do I need?

Every professional group that has a scheme needs a log of your hours. You cannot escape this.

This is proof that you are keeping up-to-date with the technical skills needed in your job.

How do I submit my log?
There are many ways to submit your log of hours to your application. You can collate this however you like, but many associations have an online CPD tool.

Before you submit your log, be sure have details of:
  • the institution/employer/provider of each activity
  • the date you completed the activity
  • duration of each activity
  • evidence of completion/participation
  • a contact person to verify completion/participation
What can I count as CPD?
Many activities you do inside and out of your workplace can count toward your CPD hours.

There are the obvious one – post-graduate education, training courses and seminars.

You can volunteer on your association’s committee, or you can be a fire warden in your workplace. And don’t forget on the job training. If you have to learn new software to do your job, that is considered CPD. Any activity you do to extend your knowledge and skills in your job count towards your CPD hours.

Most professional associations and employee groups, including ourselves, also provide CPD for members, which can be helpful in knocking out those last few hours.

The key is to be thorough as you record them.

If you have completed 150 hours, you are one step closer to getting registered with RPEng. But the first step is to have a log of hours.

If you would like to know more or if you would like to speak with someone about your CPD, click here.