ACT August Update

The Australian Government Group has been working with members right across the APS to navigate workplace restructures which are being driven by the government's policies, efficiency dividends and staffing caps. In particular, significant changes have been happening or are proposed for PA members at CASA, Airservices Australia, the Murray Darling Basin Authority, Geoscience Australia, CSIRO.

Professionals Australia have continued to work with members across the ACT Government in both the Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS) and the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Developments (EPSDD) directorates on key issues of technical work capacity and lack of engineering capacity. Focus has centred on the ‘Dickson 2020’ building which will implement Activity Based Working or ‘hot desking’. Professionals Australia remains committed to working with the ACT Government to achieve the best possible outcome for members when they move across next year.

Across in Icon Water and Evo Energy, we have been engaging on the key issues raised previously by members by attending Consultative committee meetings and keeping an open dialogue with management. Whilst the big Issues such as too much time spent on technical work, inability to retain staff due to the current EBA and poor salary progression are still on the agenda, Professionals Australia is aware of a significant restructure taking place at EVO Energy.  We are meeting with members to hear about any concerns or questions regarding the restructure and we encourage members to get in contact with Professionals Australia if they have any queries.