What the end of JobKeeper means for employees

The JobKeeper wage subsidy ended on 28 March 2021 which means:

  • employers can no longer make JobKeeper payments.
  • employers can no longer use the JobKeeper provisions in the Fair Work Act to issue or make JobKeeper enabling directions or agreements.
  • usual terms and conditions of employment (that applied before JobKeeper started) resume.

All JobKeeper directions or agreements ended on Sunday 28 March 2021. Your employer must pay you the correct rate of pay for the hours you work as set out in the Modern Award, Enterprise Agreement and/or employment contract that applies to you.

If your employer wishes to continue with any JobKeeper related working arrangements, they are required to negotiate a variation to your employment contract. Your employer can only make changes to your employment contract if you agree to those changes.

If your employer takes action to restructure business operations and reduce staffing, be aware of your rights and read the following fact sheets.

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