Your pay increases explained

Last month, the Fair Work Commission ruled to provide a 5% increase in pharmacists’ pay and a further 10% for those undertaking HMRs and RMMRS in our work-value case.  The Fair Work Commission has also granted an increase in all award wages as part of their Annual Wage Review. 

What does this all mean for you? 

Pay increases 

The Fair Work Commission has formally varied the Pharmacy Industry Award pay rates (Clause 17) to include the Annual Wage Case increase and the first of our Work Value increases.  

The first Annual Wage Case increase (3%) applies from 1 July 2019 and the second Work Value Case increase (2.5%) applies from the first full pay period that starts on or after 1 July 2019. 


There will be a further 2.5% increase on 1 October. We will let you know these new pay rates closer to 1 October

Employers are legally required to pay pharmacists the new rates of pay as a minimum. They can pay more but not less. They’re also required to use these new rates to calculate what allowance and penalty entitlements.

If your hourly rates include allowances such as penalty rates, overtime or on-premise meals allowance, please check that your employer is paying you above the minimum stated in the Pharmacy Industry Award and enough to fully compensate for all of your penalty and allowance entitlements.

If you’re under a contract that specifies your rate of pay employers are still legally required to ensure that your pay, penalties and allowances are above the award minimums. All pharmacists should review their pay rates to make sure their pay reflects the increases from the Work Value case and the Average Wage case.

New Home Medicine Reviews and Residential Management Reviews Allowance

Unfortunately, the new allowance in this decision applies only to HMRS or RMMRs. This is because in earlier decisions, the FWC accepted that there should be an additional allowance for people with the Accredited Pharmacist qualification.

This new allowance applies from 1 October and it will see pharmacists receive an allowance of $106 a week in any week they conduct an HMR or RMMR. This $106 applies if you do one HMR or RMMR or several of them.

Pay relativities

We still await the President of the FWC’s Decision on whether he will grant further ‘pay relativity increases.’

Currently, pharmacists are round 8 – 10% less off than rates of pay in other awards that have 4-year qualification requirement i.e. Health Professionals, Nurses and Professional Employees Awards.

We expect the President to grant some increases bring the Pharmacy Industry Award into line with these award rates. We will also let you know what the President decides.

If you need assistance to review your rates of pay to check if they meet the new legal minimum requirements, lodge an issue with My Workplace