Keeping the cost of registration down

Registration will soon be compulsory for Victorian engineers. If you provide an engineering service you’ll need to be registered. 

When considering how it will affect you, you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost? There are several organisations that offer registration, and their costs can vary significantly.

Here’s our quick guide to costs of engineer registration.

Firstly, who can do my assessment?
Here at the Association of Professional Engineers, we manage assessments for thousands of engineers around Australia and there are a number of other professional groups accredited to register you.

But not all schemes are equal. Or at least they are not the same.

Our scheme tries to keep things simple, providing cost effective assessment to make sure that engineers are qualified and skilled in their area of expertise.

What is the cost?

Are there any other costs?
A skills assessment for some overseas qualifications can be expensive.

Meeting the CPD requirements might also require you to do some study or take some courses. Membership with professional groups might include access to professional development. Membership with the Association of Professional Engineers includes some professional development, and this can help keep the costs down.

Can my employer cover the cost?
Wouldn’t it be great if your employer covered the cost of registration for you and your colleagues?

Some employers across the Australia may pay for their employees to get registered. It also looks great to potential clients when they can say they are working with skilled registered engineers.

You don’t have to be out of pocket. With our scheme, your employer may cover the cost.

Having this conversation with your employer could save you both time and money.

That’s our quick guide to the costs of registration. If you’re done, shopping around – get started with RPEng.