Interview Prep Session

Interviews are not about determining your qualifications. Companies do not waste their time interviewing candidates who aren’t qualified for the position.

Interviews are about determining whether you are a good fit for their existing team. Most students fail interviews because they come up with their answers on the spot.

The moment you start thinking about what you just said, what they are going to say next or how you’re going to respond - you have lost the interview.

The more time you spend thinking about your answers the less time you spend making eye contact, listening and interacting confidently. And those three things are the things that actually win job interviews.

Professionals Australia career coach will help you win the interview in 3 simple steps,
  1. They will help you identify all the questions you will be asked
  2. They will help you prepare ideal responses for each of these questions
  3. They will teach you key interview techniques like the 20/2 rule, future/past lock down, 50/50 principle and the STAR principle.
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P.S. - Don’t tell anybody but we used to work for the companies so we know what they are going to ask.